I am K.R.Riaz. I have a Masters in Business Administration and I am a partner at Raja Furniture which is a family business. I have learnt a lot from experience since I have
been a part of the business from Grade 7. Now I have started this venture “Mindroid”
to impart the learning of a lifetime to all those who are in the quest for answers.

★ From confusion to conclusion
★ From Restlessness to Resilience
★ Depression to Decisiveness
★ Procrastination to Punctuality
★ Demoralized to Defined Careers
★ Shyness to Smartness
★ Virtual friendships to real relations

   In today’s times when anxiety, intolerance, egoism, depression, confusion, betrayal, and anger are becoming the order of the day I wish to make a difference in the lives of the people by spreading positivity, happiness, upliftment, enlightenment, peace, the enthusiasm with focused goals primarily for students and entrepreneurs. We help you dive deep into yourself and come out with solutions. We handle your insecurities by helping you change your attitude positively. My message reaches out, especially to the students and entrepreneurs who are continually struggling with confusion and relentless to streamline their energies and guide them to the right path.